Redox Week in Sendai Sep 9–14, 2019
Tohoku University Seiryo Auditorium
Sep 9-11
Sep 11-12
1st STINT-JSPS Joint Symposium
Sep 12-14 The Environmental Response V /17th JBS Biofrontier Symposium

STINT: The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education
JSPS: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

The Environmental Response V /17th JBS Biofrontier Symposium

  Sep 11 Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14
Joint Symposium
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Joint Symposium
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Round-Table Discussion

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( 2019.09.06 )

Session (tentative)

The Environmental Response V /17th JBS Biofrontier Symposium Sessions

Opening Remark & Introduction

Sep 12th 10:55-11:40
Masayuki Yamamoto (Tohoku University)

Keynote Lecture

Sep 13th 10:45-11:30
John D. Hayes (University of Dundee)

Session 1: Molecular Mechanism1

Sep 12th 13:00-15:00
S1-1: Donna Zhang (The University of Arizona)
S1-2: Yoshito Kumagai (University of Tsukuba)
S1-3: Keith Blackwell (Joslin Diabetes Center)
S1-4: Akira Kobayashi (Doshisha University)

Session 2: Molecular Mechanism2

Sep 12th 16:50-18:30
S2-1: Michael B. Major (Washington University)
S2-2: Takafumi Suzuki (Tohoku University)
S2-3: Aikseng Ooi (University of Arizona)
S2-4: Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova (University of Dundee)

Session 3: Cancers1

Sep 13th 9:00-10:30
S3-1: David J. Harrison (University of St Andrews)
S3-2: Young-Joon Surh (Seoul National University)
S3-3: Amedeo Columbano (University of Cagliari)

Session 4: Metabolism & Neurology

Sep 13th 13:00-15:20
S4-1: Antonio Cuadrado (Autonomous University of Madrid)
S4-2: Gerasimos Sykiotis (Lausanne University Hospital)
S4-3: Anna-Liisa Levonen (University of Eastern Finland)
S4-4: Akira Uruno (Tohoku University)
S4-5: Jingbo Pi (China Medical University)

Session 5: Inflammation & Aging

Sep 13th 17:00-18:10
S5-1: Keiko Taguchi (Tohoku University)
S5-2: Lalitha Madhavan (University of Arizona)
S5-3: Ken Itoh (Hirosaki University)

Session 6: Cancers2

Sep 14th 9:00-10:25
S6-1: Hozumi Motohashi (Tohoku University)
S6-2: Thales Papagiannakopoulos (NYU Medical School)
S6-3: Hideaki Ogiwara (National Cancer Center Research Institute)

Session 7: Cancers3

Sep 14th 10:40-11:40
S7-1: Gina M. DeNicola (Moffitt Cancer Center)
S7-2: Mi-Kyoung Kwak (The Catholic University of Korea)

Session 8: Therapy & Related Research

Sep 14th 12:30-14:50
S8-1: Karen T. Liby (Michigan State University)
S8-2: Terry W. Moore (University of Illinois at Chicago)
S8-3: Ian M. Copple (University of Liverpool)
S8-4: Eli Chapman (The University of Arizona)
S8-5: Thomas W. Kensler (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Selected Poster Session

Session 1: Sep 12th 15:15-16:39
Session 2: Sep 13th 15:35-16:47

Poster Session

ODD number: Sep 12th 11:40-13:00
EVEN number: Sep 13th 11:40-13:00

Poster Award / Closing Remark

Sep 14th 14:50-15:05


Keith Blackwell Joslin Diabetes Center
Eli Chapman The University of Arizona
Amedeo Columbano University of Cagliari
Ian Copple University of Liverpool
Antonio Cuadrado Autonomous University of Madrid
Gina DeNicola Moffitt Cancer Center
Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova University of Dundee
David J. Harrison University of St Andrews
John D. Hayes University of Dundee
Ken Itoh Hirosaki University
Thomas W. Kensler Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Akira Kobayashi Doshisha University
Yoshito Kumagai University of Tsukuba
Mi-Kyoung Kwak The Catholic University of Korea
Anna-Liisa Levonen University of Eastern Finland
Karen Liby Michigan State University
Lalitha Madhavan University of Arizona
Michael B. Major Washington University
Terry Moore University of Illinois at Chicago
Hozumi Motohashi Tohoku University
Hideaki Ogiwara National Cancer Center Research Institute
Aikseng Ooi University of Arizona
Thales Papagiannakopoulos NYU Medical School
Jingbo Pi China Medical University
Young-Joon Surh Seoul National University
Gerasimos Sykiotis Lausanne University Hospital
Masayuki Yamamoto Tohoku University
Donna D. Zhang The University of Arizona

ToMMo Tour

Tour 1 in Sep 11th Wed 13:00-14:30 (90min)
Tour 2 in Sep 14th Sat 15:40-17:10 (90min)
*Tour 1 and 2 is the same program. Please choose either date which you can attend.

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